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About Us

Our Purpose

XIG invests in the future of social innovation, experience design and impact investment. We inspire massive action and extraordinary leadership worldwide.

Who we are

XIG is a highly curated community of extraordinary CxO's, high-performance teams and impact investors that harnesses the power of disruptive innovation and social enterprise.

We are focused on creating the conditions for positive disruption in order to unlock humanities exponential potential. 

We do this through deploying a carefully curated trifecta of technological innovation, strategic design and impact investment. 

We primarily partner with companies that leverage exponential technologies combined with the best talent on the planet that have a massive transformative purpose at its core. 

XIG is in service of Kurzweil's law of accelerating returns in a way that will help solve all of our global  grand challenges by the year 2051. 

The Vision

To accelerate returns on impact investments by transforming our world.

Impact Investment

We believe that purpose-driven impact and social innovation is critical to solving our global grand challenges. We work closely with our impact partners and exponential organizations throughout our process to ensure that the design and execution of an impact focused experience that is relevant and unique. We are committed to providing the best of class in experience and services that drives maximum social impact.

Extraordinary Experiences

Once we have finished our initial analysis of our impact partners needs, we perform multiple cross checks and analytics. Next we curate extraordinary experiences that is tailored to their needs and organizational goals. We focus our events on social impact driven projects.  After this phase, we deliver the results to our clients in order to measure the outcomes for social impact. We provide detailed reports that is able to provide insights.

Transformational Leadership

The world of disruptive innovation particularly science and technology can be hard to keep up with in todays fast paced world. That's why our goal is to not only provide extraordinary experiences but cultivate a culture inspires the next generation of leaders to emerge with both the mindset and skillset needed to be future ready. No matter the discipline or type of work, we pride ourselves on providing the best of class in social impact leadership. 

Our Impact Partners

United Nations

SAP - NexGen

Tencent Holdings

Exponential Org's we support

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